A Tale of Two Cesareans

(Originally published on Cicalux.com) Éléanor and her partner leave a public hospital in Paris. They just finished their fifth day of postpartum care after a surprise, emergent c-section at 41 weeks, and are expecting their out-of-pocket expenses to only be about 3% of their just over $5,000 bill. Éléanor will get around 26 weeks ofContinue reading “A Tale of Two Cesareans”

Does more pressure equal a deeper massage?

*LMT= Licensed Massage Therapist Short answer: Not necessarily. Depth is basically a measure of how many layers of soft tissue are affected by my techniques while pressure relates to how much force I’m actually exerting onto the body. Adding more force does not mean your muscles will allow me to sink into them. My elbows haveContinue reading “Does more pressure equal a deeper massage?”